Spain will enjoy the Games

Interview with Cuca Delgado, Technical Director from SO Spain:


What do you expect from the World Winter Games 2017 in Austria?

The SO Spain delegation is really looking forward to the upcoming World Games experience. Athletes are impatient and training hard to arrive at Austria at their best. Their expectations are to enjoy a great event, integrate with other athletes from around the world, in great facilities and a beautiful country.


Do you have any special aims or focuses?

Our main goal is to enjoy the experience, that our coaches and athletes compete at their best, that they are satisfied with their work, that they make lots of friends and that this experience ends up being unique and gratifying for them.


Spain is actually more famous for its beaches than for its snow areas. So where do your skiing and snowshoeing athletes train? And what does your preparation look like?

In Spain there are lots of good beaches, but also good mountains. We normally train at the Aragon Pyrenees, particularly at Candanchu resort, but we also do it at the Catalan Pyrenees, at San Isidro resort, and in Sierra Nevada. We offer 5-day long training courses to athletes and coaches from all over Spain, as some regions do not have ski facilities.


What is the athletes’ motivation/intention to participate?

Athletes are always motivated. Competition always motivates them. And even more in this case. They know they will participate in a World-class event and this gives them extra motivation.


What are the athletes’ biggest wishes?

I believe that what athletes want the most is to compete well, to make lots of friends, to know another country and, if possible, to win a medal to bring it back to Spain.


written by Anna Heinzl (University of Applied Sciences Graz-Joanneum)


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Die jamaikanische Floor Hockey Mannschaft trainiert schon fleißig für die SOWWG in Österreich.
The Spanish Delegation trains in Candanchú for the Special Olympics World Winter Games in Austria.
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