We do have some quite experienced coaches and some rookies in our team.

With the support of our physiotherapist, the coaches and athletes were prepared on the physical side. On site we are able to have the right treatments before or after the training sessions or competitions.

Our National Director Marc prepared the biggest part upfront, this will be his 14th World Games that he accompanied our team.Our team will be composed by 24 athletes, 9 coaches, 2 head of delegations and one physiotherapist.

We will compete in 4 sports: Alpine Skiing (4), Cross country skiing (6), Snowshoeing (6) and stick shooting (8 in 2 teams).

In 1993, our team participated for the first time in SO Winter Games, at that time also organized by the Austrian Colleagues at the location of Schladming and Salzburg.

As Luxembourg is not a big “snow country”, we organize every year a winter camp which was held already in France, Switzerland and Austria.

From 1988 up to 2016 we trained in Hohentauern, in Styria. This small village is between Schladming and Graz.

For us, the Games are held in a known area, we are like “at home “where there are very good sports venues.

We participated at the Pre Games in January 2016 to have our first official competition in stick shooting. Well prepared upfront, our athletes really improved during the competition and we continued with that sport.

In the first half of last year our selection of the athletes took place and the preparation started.

In September we started different sport specific training sessions in a Snow Hall, in a gym or outside.

During the last week before X-mas 2016, we also passed to a training camp with the team in the south of Germany. Perfect weather conditions were available during that week.

Even from 18.02 – 25.02 this year we had our winter camp where nearly all the athletes took part to finalize the preparation in the mountains.


Infos to the athletes from Luxemburg


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