Interview with Giampiero Casale, Team Italy


How many athletes from Italy take part at the Special Olympics? And in which disciplines?

34 Athletes in 4 disciplines (Snowshoes (10), Alpine skiing (12), cross country skiing (10), snowboard (2)
Are they excited for the Games? What do they expect the Games to be like?
Absolutely! They are excited to participate, they expect to give the best of himself; if they get the gold medal even better but the enthusiasm is in the departure, to be part of a team, to share emotions.
Is it more important for the athletes to be just part of the Special Olympics and to meet all the other athletes from different countries or to actually win a certain competition?
Is it more important for the athletes to be just part of the Special Olympics
Do the athletes hope that through the Games they will find more acceptance in society?
Especially because the Special Olympics are not as well known as the “classic” Olympic Games and so they could show the world, that they train as hard as real athletes and do a great job, although they have special needs.
The games are for athletes an opportunity to show the world their capacity. Back in Italy with greater strength and security. This experience can also serve for other people to see the intellectual disabilities through different eyes.
Which experiences or memories do the athletes hope to take with them from the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017 in Austria?
They dream to live a wonderful experience. They don't think about the later, but at the moment they're going to live. If you want more information about individual athletes can see the site

written by Linda Schwarz (University of Applied Sciences)


Infos to the athletes from Italy

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