What do the athletes expect from the games?

They look forward to getting to know athletes from Austria and other countries, and, have fun in the competition! They have high aspirations and are motivated to do their best to succeed.

What do you have to say about the perception many people have about Iran as a country with only hot, desert like climate? Some are surprised to see Iran participate in winter games!

(smiles) Iran is nearly 20 times size of Austria with quite a diverse landscape from rugged mountain ranges to deserts, vast steps, forests, and beautiful beaches on both northern and southern boarders, and, a number of ski resorts.

Is it a new experience for athletes from Iran to compete in international sports games?

Iran has a rich history of sports competitions going back to Cyrus the Great over 2500 years ago. In comparison, our Special Olympics is very young. SO Iran was founded in 1999 and provides sports opportunities to over 10000 male and female athletes from 14  (and growing) sub programs in the country.

Has any of the athletes ever been to Austria before?

No, and they are very excited about this journey to Austria and look forward both to the games and making new friends and to seeing the host town Oberes Murtal!

How many athletes are participating from SO Iran?

For the 2017 winter games, we participate in one field only: we have a unified team of 16 athletes competing in floor hockey


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