Interview with Mr. Albrecht, Head of Delegation of Team Germany

What do the athletes expect from the Games?

World games often allow our athletes to stay away from home for the first time and get to know a different culture. They learn self-esteem and get an enormous recognition. For many of our athletes the games are very important for their personality development and it is an event which they will never forget. Our main focus is to meet cultures from all over the world and to do sports together.


What do the preparations for the games look like?

Our athletes train if possible 2-3 times a week and we have got a preparation seminar for 2-3 days in all types of sport.


Only one athlete is from Baden-Württemberg, does he only train alone?

No of course not. He has got his training group in AWÜ and at the preparation seminar he trains with his team.


What motivation/intention encourages the athletes to participate?

The recognition for their sport and personal development. They want to show what they can.


What is/are the athletes’ biggest wish(es)?

Have fun and get to know a lot of nice people.



written by Anna Heinzl (University of Applied Sciences Graz-Joanneum)


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