In the upcoming World Winter Games, a delegation of Special Olympics Cyprus will participate with a Floor Hockey and a Floorball Team. Altogether, there will be 22 Cyprian athletes. Ten are going to take part at the Floorball competitions and a dozen will play Floor Hockey for the Mediterranean island.

We expect to have a nice competition, and give the experience to our athletes,” says Georgios Panayides, Office Director of Special Olympics Cyprus. Especially in the Floorball competitions it’s the first time that a Cyprian team will participate in this sport. “Therefore we will give the opportunity to our athletes to enjoy their moment in this competition. At the end we expect very nice games from SO Austria,” adds Mr Panayides. There will also be five coaches and three family members to support the 22 athletes. Special Olympics Cyprus expects for sure a medal for the Floor Hockey team and also good results from the Floorball team.

written by Patrick Kaiser (University of Applied Sciences Graz)


Infos to the athletes from Cyprus


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