Cote d'Ivoire

Interview with Alysson Doun, Team Cote d'Ivoire

Are you looking forward to the Games in Austria?

Yes. The two Ivorian teams of Floorball are looking forward to the World Games of Austria


How do you prepare?

We are preparing ourselves as seriously as possible, being the first time we present ourselves in this discipline. We are ready to represent by the grace of God, Our Country, Côte d'Ivoire.

Do you have any hopes for your time in Austria?

We would like to visit the sights and Stars of Austria.

Have you been to Austria before?

No it's the first time.

Is there anything you would like the fans of Special Olympics to know?

Yes. We would like them to support us morally and physically. And make twinning to share our experiences.

written by Sophie Marak (University of Applied Sciences Graz)


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