Interview with Mr. Mohammad Hafizur Rahman


What means olympism to your athletes?

Our athletes recognize Olympism as "The Spirit” that relentlessly (unnachgiebig) encourages them. The spirit that stimulates, enhances and maintains their ability to live in parallel to the healthy pairs. Olympism is the driving force for their main streaming effort.


What are your/your athletes goals for the special olympic games?

Goal: To achieve the national awareness by showing their best performances in the special olympics games. 


What is your athletes greatest strength?

Greatest strength: The endless love, affection and caring attitudes of all the members of Special Olympics Bangladesh chapter. Through year round sports, health screening, fittness programs maintain their health and mind in a good shape.


What are your greatest fears?

Our greatest fear about their health, fitness and food as they may need more time to acclimatize to new environment in Austria.


What do you/your athletes know about Austria/your host town?

I have visited Austria in october 2016 in HOD meeting. I have been informed elaborately about the venues, sports, hospitality, host towns, olympic towns, cultural events ,accommodation, transportation etc. I have tried to document it as snaps and videos . I also get many informations from "” web site and net. I presented before my athletes, partners, coaches and other officials in a palatable way. Actually it was the peace meals (piecemeal?) of Austria. Hope that they will complete the virtual scenario into real upon their arrival in Austria. Actually our athletes got a great idea about their stay in Austria. Graz is the cultural capital of Europe. The humanity that you people have were made them pleased. Our athletes are waiting to meet and take part in the great event of the Earth.

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