Die Fan App

The Special Olympics World Winter Games want to break the mold when it comes to increasing the reach of the coverage and the awareness regarding this unique sports event all over the world. Therefore there will be a Special Olympics Fan App available – besides the official app that focuses on results and schedules – which will allow the user to be virtually always live and on site where the action takes place. The up-to-date news ticker will quickly provide you with the latest news and the fan-cam gives you the possibility to make selfies relating to various themes.


A very big novelty is the “fan-reporter function”. It allows everybody who has installed the app on their smartphone to post pictures of the athletes, the celebrations, the competitions and all the commotion that is going on around and to make them available on a collective platform to all the participants and their families. This will help us to offer the athletes an extraordinary souvenir of their unforgettable moments. Each post can be optionally labeled with the athlete`s bib number and/or country of origin. You can also chose a particular competition or, if you have pictures of the side events or atmosphere, you can upload them to the “Miscellaneous” (Allgemeines) board, where all kinds of impressions and events around the competitions are supposed to be depicted. Both the selfie function for pictures to share on social networks and the fan-reporter function can be found under the label “Fan-Cam”.


We would like to ask you as volunteers to take many many pictures of the Games and post them via this app so that Austria 2017 will be truly unforgettable for athletes, families and organizers!


The app can be downloaded free for IOs and Android at:


or by simply scanning the QR code below:




Have fun using the fan app! We are very much looking forward to seeing your pictures!


Fan App – how it works:


Ticker = up-to-date information about the event

Fanposts = presentation of the uploaded pictures

Orte (Locations) = locations and navigation

Events = what is going on when and where

Fancam = reporter tool for selfies and pictures of athletes, families/coaches and all that is happening around.


NOTE: Labeling with bib number and/or country is OPTIONAL. If you do not know it, simply omit it! Similarly, if you cannot assign a picture to a particular sport or competition, simply choose the folder “Allgemein” (Miscellaneous).



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