Special Olympics 2017 shines in the design of the passenger bus at Graz airport

Graz airport is the "Official airport" for the World Winter Games 2017 in Styria, Austria

"We are proud to a part of the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017 and to contribute to the success of this global and unifying event", announced Gerhard Widmann, Managing Director of Flughafen Graz, at today’s presentation of the passenger bus. The bus was branded in the design of the Special Olympics 2017 and is to be used for the transportation of passengers between terminals and aircrafts in the coming months. For those passengers who land in Graz, it will be obvious that Styria is, once again, host of a major sports event!

The role of the airport of Graz as "Official airport" for the 2017 World Olympics will be visible not only through the bus, but through various promotion areas, banners and so much more, dedicated to the promotion of the World Winter Games 2017 and the upcoming Pre-Games (10-15 January 2016). In return the logo of the airport will be present on scoreboards, video cubes, programs and flyers pertaining to Special Olympics 2017.

Already at the beginning of 2016, especially with the start of the Pre-Games 10 - 15 January 2016 right through to the World Winter Games running 14-25 March 2017, numerous athletes, workers, family members and journalists from abroad will use the many flights to Graz. With its modern infrastructure, Graz airport is perfectly prepared for the visitors and offers maximum security, short distances and practical comfort. "The Special Olympics World Winter Games and the airport of Graz complement each other perfectly", Hermann Kröll, President of Special Olympics Austria and the World Olympic Games in 2017, and Markus Pichler (CEO Austria 2017) agrees.


On the picture:
Behind: Markus Pichler (CEO Special Olympics 2017) and Sportstadtrat Kurt Hohensinner (v. l.); Front: SOÖ-President Hermann Kröll, Special Olympics athletes Hermann Kogler and Barbara Gubitzer and Airport chief Gerhard Widmann (v. l.).


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