Possibly record-breaking facts and figures of the World Winter Games 2017

The Special Olympics World Winter Games are the worldwide biggest sport and social event of 2017. A few figures will provide proof of this fact and will illustrate the true dimension of the event:

  • The World Winter Games will last a total of 12 days; sport competitions will take place on 8 days.
  • 2,700 athletes will participate in the competitions in the host towns Graz, Schladming and Ramsau am Dachstein.
  • The participants come from no less than 107 nations of all five continents.
  • Besides the athletes there will be: 1,100 coaches, 5,000 family members, 3,000 volunteers, 1,200 guests of honor, 800 media representatives and 800 congress participants.
  • 70,000 meals will have to be distributed in Graz alone by local catering companies in addition to the booked meals at hotels and guesthouses. In Schladming it will be 10,000; in Ramsau am Dachstein 12,000 meals to satisfy the hunger of athletes, coaches and staff.
  • 12,000 items of clothing have been handed out to volunteers. Every single one of the 3,000 helping hands received 4 different items of clothing.
  • 18,000 accreditation cards for various purposes will be handed out at the World Winter Games.
  • 17,000 sheets of paper have been prepared for various printouts.
  • 700 mobile phones and 400 tablet computers made available by main sponsor Microsoft ought to guarantee smooth communication.
  • 46 cooling units/refrigerators are operating at various competition sites.
  • For warm beverages, e.g. tea, 46,000 drinking cups are waiting ready to be used.
  • 400,000 bottles of soft drinks will be made available for the Games by main sponsor Coca-Cola alone.
  • The fleet of cars for the World Winter Games comprises 145 passenger cars by main sponsor Audi and Volkswagen transporters.
  • 60 busses are operating during the whole duration of the Games; on March 18, the day of the Opening Ceremony, it will be 80.
  • 70 hotels and guesthouses in the various regions are reserved for athletes, families and coaches.
  • 4,000 gingerbread hearts have been made by vocational schools for home economics in Styria and will be given to the delegations upon their arrival in Styria.
  • 4,650 medals (1,550 each of gold, silver and bronze) will be awarded, plus 4,270 ribbons for competitors who did not make it onto the rostrum. Approximately 1,000 award ceremonies are scheduled.
  • 3.7 km is the total length of all endless banners deployed for branding – in addition to the perimeter advertising in the competition halls.
  • 186,000 copies of printed items will be circulating for information purposes at the World Winter Games 2017. 16,000 Games Guides (8,000 German, 8,000 English), 140,000 Visitor Folders (80,000 German, 60,000 English), 10,000 Transportation Maps, 20,000 Information Brochures about the Special Olympics Towns. 

The set-up works for the Opening Ceremony on March 18 at Planai Stadium in Schladming was a big challenge for the organizing committee both regarding logistics and material.

  • The stands which will accommodate 15,000 spectators were transported to Schladming by 25 road trains; the total weight of the structure is 500 tons. The set-up at Planai Stadium took 240 man-days, dismantling will take 120 man-days.
  • The grandstand at the bottom of the WC-slope is made of 150 tons steel, which were hauled by 7 road trains.
  • But that’s not all: the lighting and sound systems for the spectacular Opening Ceremony filled 8 road trains. 550 lamps and spotlights have been installed, 70 loudspeakers with a sound power of 140,000 watt will provide ideal acoustics. 

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